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At Cell Phone Repair ‘N More, we are dedicated to providing top-notch services for all your computer and laptop needs. Our team of expert technicians is committed to ensuring that your devices function seamlessly, offering a comprehensive range of services to cater to various issues.

Below is a List of Some Common Computer/Laptop Issues, We are Experts in Handling

Screen Replacement

We offer screen replacement service for laptops but, it depends on the model number of the screen and the availability of the screen.

Battery Drained Fast

We optimize power settings and conduct battery health checks to extend your laptop's battery life.

Diagnostic Assessments

Our skilled technicians conduct thorough diagnostic assessments to identify and address any hardware or software issues affecting your computer or laptop.

Hardware Repair and Upgrades

Enhance the performance of your devices with our hardware repair and upgrade services. From fixing faulty components to upgrading for optimal speed, we've got you covered.

Data Recovery Services

Accidentally deleted important files? Our data recovery services can help retrieve lost data from various storage devices.

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Preventive Maintenance

We conduct regular check-ups, cleanups, and optimizations to prevent potential issues.

Software Troubleshooting

Resolve frustrating software issues efficiently. Our team specializes in troubleshooting operating system errors, driver conflicts, and application malfunctions.

Repetitive beep sound

Resolve disruptive beep sounds, ensuring a quieter, stable computing environment for your peace of mind.

Virus and Malware Removal

Ensure the security of your data and the optimal performance of your devices with our advanced virus and malware removal services.

Keys Stopped Working

Our expert technicians swiftly diagnose and fix keyboard malfunctions, ensuring all keys work seamlessly for an uninterrupted typing experience.

Why Choose Us?

To ensure that our customers are always happy with the cell phone repair service they receive from our professional techs at Cell Phone Repair ‘N More, we work hard to select only the best replacement parts and accessories. In addition to this, we also strive to source the best talent in the industry.

Premium Parts

Only the best
quality makes it to
your phone

Expert Technician

We ensure your
phone is always in
safe hands

Unbeatable Prices

High quality
at low prices

180 Days Warranty

We offer 180
days warranty on
genuine parts

Guaranteed Safety

Be it buyback or repair, we are the safest hands for your device security


Frequently Asked Questions

Our screen repair services come with a comprehensive 180 warranty. This warranty specifically covers any defects in the original parts. Please note that it does not extend to physical or water damage incurred post-repair.

Our mobile expert technicians strive for efficiency, aiming to complete the majority of repairs within a 30-minute timeframe. 

Our skilled technicians handle repairs for various phone models, though arrangements for specific manufacturers may be necessary in certain cases.
For Samsung devices, we exclusively utilize Samsung Genuine parts in our screen replacement services. Schedule your Samsung Screen replacement with us today for authentic components.
According to Apple standards, a typical battery is designed to maintain up to 80% of its original capacity after 500 complete charge cycles under normal conditions. Our one-year warranty covers service for any faulty batteries.
Customers are welcome to walk into the store without prior online booking, and our team will efficiently gather their details on-site.
Our technicians handle a wide range of phone types, with parts arrangement necessary for specific manufacturers.
At Cell Phone Repairs ‘N More, our technicians do not reset customer data before commencing any repairs. While the chances of data loss are minimal, we recommend backing up your data before the repair process.
iPhone repair costs start at $69, varying depending on the device type and required repairs. Visit our website to check estimates for your specific iPhone or other devices or call us to get a quote for repair.
Simple repairs such as screen replacements, charging issues, and basic part replacements are usually completed on the spot. In cases where additional problems are identified or specific parts need to be ordered, extra days may be required.


What Our Clients Say

Great prices, super friendly staff too. Very professional service as well.

Very Professional Lance Jarvis

Great service and good quality parts Highly recommend…

Great Service George Bernard

I highly recommend Cell Phone Repair and their professionalism.

Helpful Emilee

Great prices, super friendly staff too. Very professional service as well.

Very Professional John William

Got my iPhone 11 Pro Max repaired from them, good value and very professional.

Highly Recommend!! Erica

Great service and good quality parts Highly recommend…

Great Service Lynda
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